Beef, pork and cabbage braised in stout with bacon and a touch of sauerkraut and a puff pastry crust. In Theory, this is our most Relative meat pie.

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Only a genius could have created a German meat pie this good. We combined all the staples of German cuisine–pork, cabbage and beer–to make a bold and savory meat pie. Like E = mc², we balanced the seasonings to create the perfect flavor equation. The sauerkraut is subtle but adds just a touch of tang; the bacon adds a smoky element; and when it’s all braised in beer, the peppery gravy takes on the stout-y flavor. This yummy pie’s name pays tribute to Einstein who we’re sure would have eaten a lot of meat pies if he had the space and time.

Though we’ve mastered cooking to make the best pies, you don’t need to be a physicist to eat them. Our pies are made to order and shipped to you in a temperature controlled box. Just follow our instructions to heat them up and enjoy!

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