The name comes from the South African slang for “bro” or “jock,” so join the team and try this delicious pepper steak pie made with beef tenderloin in a cracked black pepper and creamy red wine sauce.

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In South Africa, pepper steak pies are a staple grab on the go hand pie option–often purchased at corner cafes, gas stations or convenience stores and eaten straight out the paper packet. With two of the owners being South African, we simply had to offer this quintessential meat pie that takes every South African back to eating a handheld pie from a gas station in the early hours of the morning after a long night out.

You may not be able to pick up this savory meat pie at 3 AM, but we guarantee two day shipping from our facility when you order online. Your pepper steak pie will arrive frozen in a temperature controlled box and you can bake it right away or wait until the craving hits.

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