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Boykie: South African pepper steak pie
The name comes from the South African slang for “bro” or “jock,” so join the team and try this delicious pepper steak pie made with beef tenderloin in a cracked black pepper and creamy red wine sauce.
Dinky Di: A tasty take on the traditional Australian Meat Pie
An Australian meat pie with ground Angus beef in tasty gravy with hints of tomato and oregano. This is the real deal, mate.
Hot Chick: Spicy Portuguese Meat Pie with Chicken and Chorizo
Some like it hot—especially when it comes to chicks. Let our Portuguese meat pie with spicy chicken and chorizo in a piri piri sauce keep your mouth watering.
Kate and Sidney: A Variation on the Traditional British Steak & Kidney Pie
A royal marriage of steak and veal kidneys in a rich and savory beef gravy. It’s a ye olde traditional British meat pie.
Mo’Rockin Veggie: Savory Vegetarian Pie with Couscous & Moroccan Spices

You don’t need a magic carpet to enjoy this Moroccan veggie pie made with slow cooked vegetables, dried apricots, raisins, garbanzo beans, couscous, and a touch of spice.

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Monty Piethon: Creamy Meat Pie filled with Chicken in a White Wine Sauce
Quest no more – you’ve found your Holy Grail of savory pies. Tender chicken in a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce make this pie irresistible.
Mumpie: Lamb Pie in an Authentic Indian Curry Sauce
Slow cooked lamb in a spicy, authentic Indian curry sauce. This meat pie goes straight from New Delhi to your belly!
Paddywhack: Tasty Irish Meat Pie with Steak, Bacon and Ale
It’s the hair of the dog that bit ‘ya! Tenderloin steak and bacon simmered in Smithwick’s original Irish Ale round out this savory Irish meat pie.
Pielander: Traditional Scottish Pie with Beef in a Savory Meat Gravy
A Scottish meat pie with chunky beef tenderloin in a hearty meaty gravy. What’s under YOUR kilt?
Pienstein: Delicious German Meat Pie with Steak, Sauerkraut and Pork

Beef, pork and cabbage braised in stout with bacon and a touch of sauerkraut and a puff pastry crust. In Theory, this is our most Relative meat pie.

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Pierate: Handheld Vegetarian Pie filled with Creamy Cheese and Mediterranean Veggies

Spinach and feta in a creamy garlic sauce

Pietanic: Russian fish pie with salmon, rice, mushrooms, dill and lemon

Your heart will go on after it falls in love with this Russian coulibiac pie. Our only fish pie, it’s a delicious blend of wild salmon, mushroom, rice, dill, egg and a hint of lemon.

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Pork Q Pie: Southern style meat pie with pulled pork & peach BBQ sauce
Your blue ribbon winner pie at the county fair. Pulled pork smothered in our special peach BBQ sauce – this pork pie is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.
Yum Mi Pai: Savory roasted chicken & vegetable pie in Thai green curry sauce

A roasted chicken pie with vegetables simmered in yummy Thai Green Curry sauce. Phuket, yeah!

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